2022 / 111m - USA
Halloween Ends poster


October 23, 2022


Let's hope it does. This final entry in Green's Halloween trilogy isn't necessarily better or worse than the previous films, it's just not very interesting anymore. Myers is a side attraction, more than half the film is spent on character development (without any interesting characters in sight) and the kills are bland.

Myers, literally a very old man now, is still roaming around in Haddonfield. Instead of attacking people directly, he found himself a little substitute (Corey) who does the dirty work for him. Things become complicated when Corey starts a relationship with Allyson, Laurie Strode's granddaughter.

Myers isn't the impressive killer he once was, 110 minutes is way too long for a simple slasher, and any aspirations Green had to make this into something more fail horribly. Some scattered references are somewhat fun, but that doesn't save the film, or the franchise. Bring back Zombie.