2022 / 99m - Japan
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August 24, 2023


Nikkatsu's Roman Porno series has been resurrected with great success. They managed to land some very talented directors, who aren't just making random pinku films but are actually using these opportunities to create worthwhile dramas about (female) sexuality. Daigo Matsui didn't disappoint.

Sawako is a young girl who has always had an interest in older men. She feels very comfortable around them and starts to observe them with the help of her scrapbook. Things change when she meets Mori, an ex-colleague of hers who is about the same age as she is. This finally opens her heart to a different kind of love.

Yes, there is sex and nudity here, but like the better entries in the Roman Porno series, it's not so much the goal as it is just part of the theme of the film. The performances are solid, the styling is polished and Sawako's character is well-developed. If you're a fan of Matsui's work, be sure to catch this.