2014 / 82m - USA
Happy Christmas poster


December 29, 2020


A typical Swanberg dramedy. Or just drama really, not quite sure why this is booked as a comedy in some places. It's also not much of a Christmas film, just an indie film that is set around Christmas and no doubt played into that to get some free advertisement. Set all that aside though, and what is left is a decent enough movie.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Jenny moves in with her older brother, his wife and their young kid. She crashes in the basement and lives a rather wild life while trying to get over the break-up, her brother and his family in the meantime are doing their best to get their lives in order.

The performances are solid, the drama is decent (but somewhat pointless) and the vibe is pretty chill. The baby (Swanberg's actual baby) is the star of the show though, which is rather telling. The ending trails off and doesn't lead anywhere meaningful, but the road there is fun enough.