Kai Xin Gui Zhuang Gui
1986 / 89m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Crime, Fantasy
Happy Ghost III poster


March 10, 2012


The Happy Ghost franchise is typical Clifton Ko fare, but somehow To managed to wiggle himself into the director's chair for part 3. He does little to make this film his own, instead, he opts to stay in line with the previous entries. Sadly, that just isn't his strong suit, and as a result, this third part is a pretty big dud (save the finale).

A rather unsuccessful singer can't believe her luck when she finds out she is slated to reincarnate into a very musical family. On her way to the hospital she bumps into Mr. Hung, causing her to miss her window of opportunity. This happens twice, leaving her just one chance to get it right. The problem is that she has fallen in love with Hung.

The performances are very poor and overstated, the effects are extremely crummy, and stylistically there's no sign of To's signature elements. The only thing that slightly redeems this film is the final 20 minutes, which do get pleasantly absurd. It's not enough to wholeheartedly recommend the film to fans, but at least To completists will have something to look forward to.