Två Killar Och En Tjej
1983 / 111m - Sweden
Romance, Comedy
Happy We poster


May 06, 2022


One of Lasse Hallström's earlier features. I'm not a big fan of the director, and Happy We contains his particular brand of cheese, but there's a kind of gleeful joy present that is dearly missing from his USA work. The film is light and comfortable, even when the drama has the potential to darker and more introspective.

A trio of friends reunites after a very long time. Growing up, the three of them were inseparable, but through the years they lost track of each other. When they meet up again, they reminisce about the old days, but as they rekindle their friendship, new feeling start to brew between the old friends.

There's a goofiness and lightheartedness that is really quite endearing, though it does fade to the background once we get past the halfway mark. The performances are solid but not too remarkable, the drama remains light and the pacing is solid. Not the greatest film, but better than expected.