1990 / 96m - USA
Hard to Kill poster


August 20, 2021


Hard to Kill is clear shelf-filler. An action film featuring B-actors, a cookie cutter plot, mediocre action scenes and a director who appears to have gone missing in action. It's not really meant to be good, it's meant to be picked up by hardcore action fans who need something to waste their time between bigger releases.

Mason Storm is a cop who knows too much. He and his family are assaulted in their home and left for dead. Storm is still alive, and he's brought to a hospital in secret, where he spends several years in a coma. When he finally awakes, he plans his revenge on his killers, but when they find out he's not dead he becomes their target once again.

Steven Seagal is truly crap, both as an action hero and a dramatic actor, but this is actually one of his more palatable films. The quality isn't really there, but at least the pacing is somewhat decent, and it didn't feel like a complete waste of time. Faint praise for a film I wouldn't recommend, unless you're a huge fan of 80s action cinema.