2023 / 108m - The Netherlands
Hardcore Never Dies poster


March 30, 2024


I was never part of the scene, but I did love the music (and I still do, though I prefer the contemporary evolutions). It's no surprise we're seeing a film like this pop up now. The 90s are back in fashion and hardcore (house) is one of the most uniquely Dutch things there is. It's a shame this isn't more about the culture itself, instead, it's a crime film set within the gabber scene of the 90s.

Michael wants to become a pianist, but his parents don't support his dream. Then his brother jumps back into his life, dragging Michael into the Rotterdam nightlife, dominated by drugs and hard beats. It's the perfect escape for Michael, but he slowly starts to spiral down a dangerous path.

They could've done a better job incorporating the music, and the plot is extremely basic. If you have no affinity with the Dutch gabber scene of the 90s there isn't much here, for me, there was a tinge of nostalgia that kept me interested. But it wasn't enough to turn this into a great film.