2022 / 104m - USA
Horror, Drama
Mr. Harrigan's Phone poster


October 06, 2022


A pretty decent Stephen King adaptation, but like many of the films based on his books and stories, it sorely lacks a director with a more unique vision. The plot is interesting enough and the actors do a solid job, but the film itself is a little stale and fails to stand out in any meaningful way.

Craig is a young boy who is scouted by Mr. Harrigan, a wealthy wretch, to read him stories three times a week. Craig sticks around and through the years a bond develops between the two. When Harrigan dies, Craig buries his phone with him, after which he starts getting unintelligible messages from Harrigan's phone.

Martell and Sutherland are both solid and the film has an interesting premise, though you can't help but wonder why they felt the need to turn a short story into a 105-minute feature film. The extra padding is blatant and Hancock's direction is too basic to justify it. Not bad, but I wish they would dare to take bigger risks with King's stories.