Gam Yuk Bat Chit Fong
1990 / 84m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Drama, Horror
Haunted Jail House poster


April 14, 2012


Hong Kong horror cinema is rarely played straight, especially the older films. It's no surprise then that Haunted Jail House is really more of a comedy, with the horror elements coming right out of the plot (read: it's about a ghost). But even when you don't expect anything scary, this is still a pretty big dud.

Jane is a ghost cursed to haunt a prison, until she finds a way to escape. She befriends Blackie, a prisoner who is looking for a way out of her predicament. They plan their escape, but Chesty, another prisoner, gets in the way. Jane is furious and takes over Chesty's body, which creates a lot of chaos.

The performances are tepid, the direction is plain, the comedy is bland, the horror completely absent. None of that is all too surprising when you're familiar with Hong Kong cinema, but even compared to its peers, this film is a total waste. Haunted Jail House is one for the bottom of the pile.