Sweden, Denmark [1922] - 91m
Fantasy, Horror, Documentary
Directed by
Benjamin Christensen
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July 17, 2021


Interesting classic. A mix of horror and fantasy wrapped in a documentary. The film consists of 7 parts, some are illustrated bits of information, others reenacted scenes and stories, all revolving around witches and witchcraft. For a silent, it's surprisingly well-structured and confidently executed.

The seven segments were shot over the course of two years and can be watched separately if needed. By modern standards, the information density is relatively low, and you probably won't learn too much from this film, but Häxan is more than talking heads and narrated literature.

The cinematography is interesting, and the effects are neat. The structure makes that the film remains intriguing, that said, 7 segments may have been a bit much. There's quite a bit of repetition and while the presentation is nice enough, the second half did start to feel a little redundant. That said, a solid effort for its time.