Watashi no Kokoro wa Papa no Mono
1988 / 95m - Japan
Comedy, Drama
My Heart Belongs to Daddy poster


November 24, 2023


A TV project that was restructured into a feature film. The project's roots are very obvious, but thanks to Obayashi's spirited direction it's more than just a shortened TV series. At its core, My Heart Belongs to Daddy is a pretty simple drama, but there were enough quirky ideas to keep me engaged.

A daughter and her father reconnect after being 15 years apart. He left them when her mother cheated on him, but he never forgot about the family he left behind. It takes some time before they get used to each other, but once they can accept their differences, they finally get their relationship back on the rails.

The image quality is paltry and the drama is rather basic, but Obayashi has some fun tricks up his sleeve. He never takes things too seriously and injects some narrative tricks to keep things interesting. It's far from his best work, but it's easy filler that fits in well with the rest of his oeuvre.