Hevunzu Sutôrî
2010 / 278m - Japan
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June 29, 2020


No doubt one of Zeze's most ambitious works. A four and a half hour long drama that doesn't pull any punches. It's the kind of film that requires the right state of mind (and some familiarity with Japanese dramas will also come in handy). When those requirements are met though, there's a lot to like here.

The story is quite convoluted and hardly worth detailing, but it spans several years and a handful of main characters, centered around a plot of murder and revenge. It's not really a thriller or crime film though, Zeze focuses squarely on the characters and the emotions that they're trying to process.

The camera work is effective, the soundtrack is beautiful and the performances are top-notch. There are also quite a few stand-out scenes and a fair amount of memorable moments, but 270 minutes was a bit too much for my liking, especially for a film that is tonally consistent for its entire running time. A must for fans of Japanese drama, just make sure you're ready for it.