UK [2021] - 83m
Directed by
Chris Bell
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March 16, 2021


A run-of-the-mill horror flick. Chris Bell's first isn't all that special. Witchcraft, a curse passed down through various generations and hauntings combined with mental illness. You've seen it all before, if you like a bit of horror you can no doubt fill in the gaps yourself. But as filler goes, it isn't all bad.

The plot revolves around Claire, a woman who is suffering from depression and starts seeing ghosts roaming around the house. You may think Bell would try to create a bit of ambiguity with that setup, but the film never really casts any doubt on what's real and what's not and just plays it straight.

Performances aren't all that great, the plot is basic and the hauntings aren't that scary. But the soundtrack is pretty solid and once the film nears the finale it ramps up the pacing and it becomes a pretty decent horror flick, though probably not one you'll remember for long afterwards. Just solid, short filler.

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