2020 / 94m - USA
Thriller, Horror
Held poster


May 28, 2021


A pretty solid thriller with slight horror influences that never quite reaches its full potential. The film tries a little too hard to be smart, the direction also isn't quite on the level that it needed to be, but the core mystery is pretty decent and the setting adds a bit of extra flavor to an otherwise decent but somewhat unremarkable genre film.

Henry and Emma are celebrating their anniversary, but it's clear their relationship has seen better times. They've rented a villa in the middle of nowhere, during their first night there they are drugged and held captive by a mysterious figure. If they want to get out alive, they're forced to obey this masked assailant.

It's a simple but effective setup, though Cluff and Lofing are a little too eager to spoil the surprise. The performances aren't great either, even so there are several tense scenes and the reveal is actually pretty funny. Certainly not the worst film if you're starved for a fun house invasion flick, just don't expect too much of it.