2013 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Horror
Hell Baby poster


October 02, 2022


Silly but amusing horror comedy. The focus is clearly on the comedy here, which is almost refreshing in this era of comedic drought. The parodies and pastiches aren't even all that original, but the commitment to the jokes and the amusing performances help the film to stand out from the crowd.

A couple moves into a house with a history. It doesn't take long before strange things start happening, Jack's pregnant wife Vanessa seems to be the main target of the evil presence. With the help of Vanessa's sister and two priests from the Vatican, they try to expel the evil from the house.

The main focus truly is comedy here. The cast has some familiar faces, but the film looks incredibly cheap, the effects are crummy and the wink wink nudge nudge level is almost reminiscent of TV work. But the comedy does work, the pacing is fine and it's just nice to have a film that cares about nothing else than making people smile. Pleasant filler.