Xi Hong Shi Shou Fu
2018 / 118m - China
Hello Mr. Billionaire poster


October 09, 2020


A full-blown Chinese comedy. It's nice to see the Chinese at least haven't forgotten about this genre, as pure comedies are pretty hard to come by nowadays. There's no drama, no tragedy, just a splash of romance on the side. The rest is just goofiness and setups for some silly laughs.

Wang Duo Yu is a third rate goalkeeper who dreams of making it big. One day his prayers are answered, when he's about to inherit 30 billion yuan. The only requirement is that he has to spend 1 billion yuan within a month (with some some additional dos and don'ts attached). It doesn't make a lot of sense, but that doesn't really matter as it's simply an excuse for some exuberant spending.

It's a typical Chinese blockbuster, meaning it looks pretty decent and no expenses were spared, but the music is pretty atrocious, the performances are well over-the-top and the film's a bit long. At long there are some decent gags and the atmosphere remains light and breeze in the second half. Not bad.