Lat Sau Wui Cheun
2000 / 92m - Hong Kong
Help!!! poster


April 20, 2013


Don't worry too much about the deceptive poster. This film may look like a simple, fluffy To romcom, but there's a bit more to it. Fun performances, a somewhat kooky plot and To's signature direction manage to lift this film well above the expected norm. Seeing how this is another To/Ka-Fai collaboration, that shouldn't be too surprising.

Yan works in a hospital where the doctors have lost all will to do a proper job. Yan isn't willing to simply accept defeat, and when an old colleague joins her crew she figures it is time to get the hospital care back on track. It won't be easy to get everyone excited about their work again, but Yan is determined to bring her mission to a good end.

The main trio (Jordan Chan, Ekin Cheng and Cecelia Chung) do a good job, the plot has plenty of quirky details and To adds the necessary flair. Help is a somewhat odd, atypical comedy that stands out among the other Hong Kong comedies, which is exactly what Hong Kong cinema needs from time to time. Not one of To's very best film, but fans looking for some lesser known To gems should definitely give this one a go.