1944 / 136m - UK
Henry V poster


October 08, 2022


This felt like watching a stuffy old stage play for two hours straight. Maybe because parts of the film are in fact stuffy old stage plays and because the film is based on a Shakespeare play. The result is pretty dull and uncinematic, not the kind of film I was hoping for in a genre that isn't my favorite to begin with.

The story is a retelling of how a young King Henry V vows to invade France and take it for his own. He rallies his troops, delivers a few famous speeches, and pushes through until he finally reaches his goal. If you want a real history lesson though, I suggest you pick a different film.

The costumes and settings are bland, the colors atrocious, the performances overly theatrical and the plot a true bore. The long runtime doesn't help the film either. Unless you're a big Shakespeare fan and you're aiming to see all the films based on his work, I wouldn't recommend this one.