1953 / 118m - USA
Drama, War
From Here to Eternity poster


December 08, 2021


A wartime drama that throws several famous actors together and hopes that's enough to keep people entertained. The characters aren't very nuanced and some bits (like the ending) felt really tacked on, but there were a couple of scenes where there seemed to be actual chemistry between the actors.

When soldier Prewitt arrives at his base in Hawaii, his superiors are clear about the reason for his transfer. They want to see him taking part in their boxing team. Prewitt isn't interested and no matter how much his superiors try to push and blackmail him, he holds true to his principles.

The performances are decent enough, but the characters aren't very interesting, neither are their problems. The romance and explicit drama are forgettable, the personal conversations and interactions are a bit more compelling to follow. The ending's pretty bad though, I wish they'd stopped the film 20 minutes earlier. Not a great film.