Dung Fong Saam Hap
1993 / 88m - Hong Kong
Action, Fantasy
The Heroic Trio poster


August 15, 2005


The Heroic Trio looked like fun filler, and To seemed pretty dedicated to delivering. The result is an extremely messy film though. I'm usually pretty partial to Hong Kong's chaotic cinema, but somehow it didn't quite work for me here. It felt as if the film tried to be too much, and didn't really deliver on any of the separate pieces.

A villain is plotting to overtake China. She kidnaps 18 babies, hoping that the new Emperor will be among them. One of the babies belongs to a prominent detective, who calls in the help of two women to help him get his baby back while saving China from a hostile takeover in the process.

The performances are decent, there are some pleasant enough action scenes and the pacing is zany (as it should be). I'm still not sure whether I was watching a sci-fi, fantasy, or martial arts film though, and I'm not sure even To had a clear idea what this film was supposed to be. It's not a terrible feature, it has its moments, but too many ideas simply didn't land and there were just too many boring parts.