Xian Dai Hao Xia Zhuan
1993 / 101m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Sci-fi
Heroic Trio 2: Executioners poster


April 14, 2013


It wasn't uncommon to shoot sequels back to back in the 90s Hong Kong film industry, but Heroic Trio: Executioners isn't really that. It's more of a reimagining of the titular trio in a very different setting. Out is the historic world and in comes a postapocalyptic future where our heroes will have to save the day once again. An interesting setup alright.

The world is in shambles after a nuclear event. While the government is mostly interested in saving itself, a villain has seized control over the water supply of the city. He is trying to force a military coup by levering access to the water. A trio of female heroes takes it upon themselves to save the city from this harrowing fate.

While everything was there to make this into a great film, the result feels a bit lackluster. To's direction is okay but doesn't stand out, and neither do the action scenes. There's a bit too much drama hidden away in the plot, time that would be better spent on developing the futuristic setting or simply adding more and better action scenes. It's not bad, but for a '93 HK action film, not very memorable.