Sayonara Subete no Evangerion: Anno Hideaki no 1214-nichi
2021 / 100m - Japan
Hideaki Anno: The Final Challenge of Evangelion poster


February 08, 2022


I'm not the biggest Eva fan, nor the biggest Hideaki Anno fan, but it's obvious that he isn't your average director. I don't watch too many persona/project-based documentaries, unless I expect a more honest look at the subject at hand. And if you want honest Anno, this is certainly a doc to watch.

It's no surprise that Anno is a bit of a recluse. He is hard on his staff, he demands a lot of the people around him, and he wants his team to adapt to his own needs. I didn't expect to see Anno was so concerned with audience expectations, especially considering how unique and self-centered his work is.

There's a level of honesty I really loved to see. Anno isn't some mythical anime God, but a diamond in the rough, fostered by a strong and flexible team surrounding him. It's nice to see people like that get a chance to work and realize magnificent art that captivates millions, not a given in this money-driven business.