1941 / 100m - USA
Crime, Thriller
High Sierra poster


October 27, 2021


A classic crime flick with Humphrey Bogart in the lead. The entire film is practically built around Bogart, so it really comes down to how much you can stand him. I don't think he's a very enigmatic actor, put him in a bare genre film like High Sierra and there's not much to look forward to.

Bogart plays Roy, a criminal just released from prison. He gets right back into the business, this time hooking up with Red and Babe, two younger criminals. Roy also meets Velma, a young girl he falls in love with. When the robbery goes bust, Roy and Velma have to run away together, as the police are right on their heels.

There's a lot of dialogue here, most of it isn't interesting at all. The premise is very simple, the performances are rather one-note and the few action scenes aren't very convincing either. I guess films like these are way more fun if you're a hardened film noir fan, personally I find them pretty dull and forgettable.