1959 / 90m - France
Drama, Romance
Hiroshima Mon Amour poster


July 19, 2021


Resnais is no doubt one of the more interesting classic French directors. He has a poetic style that seems to be running through many of his films, even when working in different genres and trying out different approaches. Sadly, he doesn't seem very well at easy directing romances, all the more apparent here.

After a small introduction that focuses on the terrors Hiroshima faced during the bombing, the film explores the relationship between a French actress and a Japanese architect who reminds her of a former lover. The two are both married, but they are passionately drawn to each other and can't help but seen out each other's company.

The film looks nice enough and there's a stylish vibe running underneath, sadly the dialogue feels forced and the relationship between the two is almost literary. It never feels like you're watching human beings, instead you see two hollow vehicles that are forced to deliver the lines of a somewhat pompous writer. It's a real shame.