UK [2020] - 93m
Directed by
Remi Weekes
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November 04, 2020


A pretty basic haunted house film. The unique angle here is that instead of a typical well-off family moving into a new home, we're getting a family of refugees who have gone through hell to get there. It opens up the door for quite a bit of extra drama and social critique, an opportunity the film gladly embraces.

Bol and Rial arrive in the UK after a long trip from South Sudan. They are granted temporary asylum and are given a house until their trial is completed. During their voyage they've lost their daughter, a traumatic event that haunts them every day. When they begin hearing voices at night, they believe an evil spirit has followed them from Sudan.

It's no doubt an interesting take on a tired concept, but His House fails where so many of these films fail: they're so wrapped up in the drama that they forget to deliver the horror. Some decent scares early on, but overall it's pretty weak. It's a shame, as the premise looked quite promising.