1989 / 267m - France
Documentary, Experimental
Histoire(s) du Cinéma poster


December 01, 2020


I wasn't aware this was a Godard-led project. I figured it was just a documentary series looking back at the history of cinema. Not my favorite topic, but no doubt interesting enough. Five minutes in I realized what I had gotten myself into. It's not that I hate Godard, it's just that my appreciation is mostly for his early work. Once he set off on his quest to find true cinema, the man kind of lost me.

This isn't a very traditional documentary, instead it's another one of Godard's crazy cut & paste jobs, sporting textual overlays, meandering voice-overs and very crude editing techniques. It's very low on factual content, it's hard to appreciate any of the references since they're so cut up and it gets a bit too artistic for its own good.

The problem for me is that I simply don't care for Godard's modern style. It looks sloppy, crude and cheap. The idea is nice enough, but the execution is substandard. At least the later episodes are a bit shorter and contain slightly more information, but overall this was a very disappointing series.