Wu Xia Qi Gong Zhu
1993 / 98m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Holy Weapon poster


July 09, 2011


'93 was a magical year for Hong Kong action cinema. Holy Weapon is just one of the many, many great action films that were produced back then. This one is helmed by Jing Wong and features some female action talent, with Michelle Yeoh and Maggie Cheung taking up the lead roles.

There isn't much hand-to-hand combat though, it's more a mix of fantasy and martial arts (i.e. lots of people flying around on wires, flaunting their wild magical powers while blowing up all kinds of things with proper flair). It's a film that clearly found its inspiration in the Chinese Ghost Story series.

The story is pretty nonsensical, but the pacing is solid, the action is impressive and the comedy in between keeps the tone light and breezy. Add some arts & craft monsters and you have a perfect blend of entertainment that doesn't fully wow, but has more than enough on offer for a fun and amusing 90 minutes of film.