USA [2017] - 97m
Directed by
Hallie Meyers-Shyer
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December 03, 2020


A toothless romance that adds some light drama and comedy elements, in a weak attempt to flesh things out. In the end it's just a bunch of unsympathetic and well-off characters, leading very comfy lives while sobbing over their first-world problems. Clearly I'm not the target audience, even though I'm getting quite close to the age group this type of film is for.

Alice finds herself on the verge of a divorce and lives with her two kids in her deceased father's LA villa, while her husband is in NY, submerging himself in work. When going out with some friends, she runs into three aspiring filmmakers. Because her house is big enough, she decides to let them stay with her for a while.

There's something incredibly fake about the characters and none of the genres really stand out, the drama in particular feels well out of place, especially considering the luxury everybody's enjoying. It's just very formulaic, lazy and dishonest. The only fun to be had is to imagine the outrage if they'd gender-swapped the roles.