2021 / 71m - UK
Homebound poster


April 06, 2022


A horror film built on a singular concept. It's basically one big build-up towards the ending, which explains the rather short runtime. I don't mind a shorter film, the premise has everything to make this a successful horror, but the execution isn't quite where it needs to be. Less can be more, but sometimes it's just less.

Holly and Richard are visiting Richard's kids for the first time as a couple. It's his daughter's birthday, and he wants to surprise them. When they get to the house Richard ex is nowhere to be found, but his kids are pretty self-sufficient, and they figure she didn't want to be there with them visiting.

The kids are plenty creepy, the location is nice, and the score is helpful building up the atmosphere. The film becomes increasingly tense as it nears the finale, but then it doesn't really deliver. The ending feels forced and does a poor job of hiding the film's limited budget. It's not a terrible horror flick, just a little unremarkable and underdeveloped.