Chuet Chung Ho Nam Yun
2003 / 100m - Hong Kong
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May 22, 2009


One of Jing Wong's attempts to rekindle the success of his 80s romcoms. These films aren't all that great though, instead they feel more like easy cash grabs. Take a few famous faces, recycle a romantic plot line that is known to work and just put the bare minimum effort into it to get to 90 minutes of film.

The plot revolves around a guy who can't say no to women. They take advantage of him every way they know how to, especially after word gets out that he's on the verge of inheriting a little fortune. But then he catches a lucky break as he finally meets the girl of his dreams.

Richie Ren just isn't a very funny actor, which is a problem for a romcom. Wong's direction feels a little dispirited too, it's only during the finale that some of his old quirkiness shines through. Pacing and runtime are fine, but when the film never really sparkles it's really nothing more than basic filler.