Hong Xi Guan: Xian Luo Xiang Ren
2023 / 73m - China
Fantasy, Action
Hong Xiguan: The Devildom Elephant Man poster


September 11, 2023


Not my first Hong Xiguan film, but if I'm honest, I couldn't tell you what the previous one was about. These Chinese streamer fantasy flicks are fun enough, but they're not exactly memorable and they all look alike. Apart from the elephant man featured here, it's just another fantasy adventure.

The princess of Siam is assassinated. Hong Xiguan wants to take revenge on her killers, but he finds himself imprisoned. He won't be stopped that easily though, and while he continues to work on the case, he unravels a much bigger injustice. The Demon King Xiangren seems to be at the source of an evil plan.

Some good action scenes, a fun fantasy-fueled setup, nice cinematography, and lush settings, but mediocre comedy and subpar CG. There's always a little variance between films, but the bottom line is usually the same. I had a pretty good time, especially as it's not even 75 minutes long, but it's not exactly a stand-out film.