2020 / 92m - Sweden
Horizon Line poster


March 20, 2021


A pretty entertaining thriller. One of those "people get stuck in a dire situation" flicks where the main characters spend most of the film trying to recover from their predicament. It's rarely masterpiece material, but more often than it makes for prime filler and Horizon Line isn't the exception to the rule.

This time the characters find themselves stuck in the air in the middle of the ocean. The pilot of the plane just died and the two passengers have little experience flying these pesky things. A storm is closing in on them, fuel is leaking and the radio is broken. Still, they're not giving up and they'll do their best to reach land as quickly as possible.

The intro is a bit too long, but once disaster hits the tension doesn't let off. Performances are variable (Williams is solid, Dreymon is questionable) and you'll need a fair bit of suspension of disbelief, but the pacing is slick, it never gets boring and there are some pretty exciting moments. Good fun.