1932 / 68m - USA
Comedy, Sport
Horse Feathers poster


November 27, 2020


I'm not that familiar yet with the Marx Brothers (this is only my second one), but their comedies do show potential. While they mix in other genres, they never lose sight of the humor. It's just that their films are such a tremendous mess that it's hard to keep engaged, even when they're quite short.

When professor Wagstaff takes charge of the university, things are about to get a little weird. Wagstaff is a quirky fella who likes to do things his way. When he needs to make sure his university's football team wins an important match against their rivals, he hires two lunatics to help him win the match.

Four brothers, four very different styles of comedy. It's almost as if they shot one storyline in four different ways, then cut everything up to edited it back to one singular film. The pace of the jokes is tremendous, but too many of them aren't funny at all, which just makes the overall experience very tiring (so many terrible puns). I wish I'd loved this more, but it's just too messy and not funny enough.