2020 / 57m - UK
Host poster


December 15, 2020


A somewhat surprising hype, not in the least because Host is hardly the first in its genre. The computer-screen horrors have been around for a while now (the Unfriended films probably being the most eye-catching examples), and Host doesn't really innovate or even try to do anything new with it.

A Zoom meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic, with five girls and a dude preparing to do a seance. Their little gathering goes horrible wrong and before they know it an evil spirit is haunting their homes. One by one the participants of the meeting disappear, leaving the others fearing for their lives.

Performances are rather weak and the hauntings feel like a cut & paste job from better films. Some chairs move, things appear on camera that aren't there in the real world and thumping noises are coming from the attic. It's a simple but relatively effective setup, sadly the build-up is flawed and the execution subpar. I expected more from this one.