2017 / 83m - France
Hostile poster


December 27, 2021


A film with potential, but Turi fails to notice the good bits. The post-apocalyptic scenes are pretty solid, a nice mix of desolate sci-fi and nasty horror. The flashbacks on the other hands are dreary and kitsch. Turi keeps alternating between the two, which makes for a very uneven experience.

Juliette is driving home to camp, when her car hits a ditch and crashes. She wakes up in the middle of the night, in a desolate area surrounded by hungry creatures. As she tries to barricade herself, she remembers the events leading up to the destruction of the Earth as we know it.

The performances are quite poor. That's not a problem for the sci-fi/horror scenes, but the more dramatic flashbacks fail to engage and quickly become a real drag. The cinematography is decent enough, Botet looks creepy, and the horror scenes are pretty tense, it's just a shame that they get interrupted every 5 minutes.