Chat Sup Yee Ga Fong Hak
1973 / 98m - Hong Kong
The House of 72 Tenants poster


February 03, 2022


There aren't too many Shaw Bros comedies, this film goes a long way to explain why that might be. Though a true classic (Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle borrowed a lot from it), it's a real onslaught on the ears. The film serves 100 minutes of shrill and continuously yapping characters, and nothing else.

72 tenants are housed in a slummy housing complex. The landlady is strict and doesn't pay too much attention to the complaints of the tenants. Instead, she tries to make as much money from them as possible. The tenants are tired of her tyrant-like behavior and decide to revolt against their landlady.

This is a film with a large cast that is constantly quarreling and shouting at each other. The comedy isn't that funny and the performances are well overstated. There are some funny moments, but the wall of noise is simply too much to take, and it became grating after the 1-hour mark. Not Chor's finest moment.