2022 / 88m - USA
Horror, Mystery
House of Darkness poster


September 14, 2022


Justin Long loves to talk. House of Darkness may be a horror film, but it's a very slow and talkative one. Don't expect too much excitement, LaBute relies on mystery and tension to create a creepy atmosphere, but only gets there occasionally. The premise was better than the execution.

Hap meets an alluring woman in a bar and offers to bring her home. She invites him in and things are looking up for Hap. He's confident he can stay the night, but then strange things start to happen. The woman acts a little weird, faint noises can be heard inside the house and out of the blue, the woman's sister turns up.

It's fairly obvious where this film is going from the get-go, even so, Long's character remains clueless until the very end. LaBute tries to extract tension from this, but it's all a little too basic and predictable. The performances aren't quite strong enough either, and the characters are a little too flimsy. There's still some fun to be had though, the premise is a fun one, I just wish the execution could've been tighter.