2021 / 158m - USA
House of Gucci poster


February 05, 2022


If you're truly interested in the story behind the Gucci brand and people, you're no doubt better off looking somewhere else. When a British expat and a bunch of American actors with fake-Italian accents decide to adapt a true story for Hollywood, the result is bound to be more than a little iffy.

Maurizio is the son of Rodolfo, one of the two Gucci brothers. He doesn't have a big interest in the company, but when he marries Patrizia she convinces him to get in on the business. Through some underhanded tactics Maurizio tries to gather the required shares to run the company alone.

No matter how impressive Jared Leto's make-up is, I find little pleasure in Americans playing Italians. The mix of drama and comedy doesn't really work, the budget was there, but Scott didn't know what to do with it and the 2.5-hour runtime is completely unnecessary. A film that screams for Scott's retirement.