2005 / 113m - USA
House of Wax poster


September 17, 2022


I'm not sure why I never watched this film before, but it's one of the bigger horror titles of the 00s that had managed to escape me. Until now that is. I went in with relatively low expectations, which turned out to be the right mindset. It's not the worst film, there are some interesting elements, but overall it's just not that great.

A group of friends goes away for the weekend, hoping to catch the biggest football game of the year. They take a shortcut driving there, but end up in the middle of nowhere. A strange figure stalks their campsite at night and the next morning, one of their cars won't start. Slowly, their little trip takes a turn for the worse.

The runtime is excessive for a simple horror flick, the characters are dim and the backstory of the villains is pretty lame. The wax house and statues on the other hand are pretty cool, and the finale is one to remember. It's not enough to save the entire film, but at least it wasn't a complete dud.