1992 / 142m - UK
Drama, Romance
Howards End poster


July 06, 2024


Howards End is a typical costume drama with some class drama to infuse some added intrigue. If you're not swayed by the setting and costumes (like me), there's little else beyond endless dialogues to keep you awake. Those didn't do it for me either, which left me with very little.

A daughter of an intellectual bourgeoisie family falls in love with the son of wealthy, conservative parents. They aren't happy with the engagement and want the couple to break it off, but the two have vowed to get married. It's the beginning of a tumultuous relationship between the two families.

The performances are decent enough, but that's about it. The drama is bland, the presentation old-fashioned and the runtime is beyond excessive. I'm not the core audience for this film, but there's very little here to set it apart from similar ones, so unless you like a classic costume drama, think twice before sitting down to see this one.