2020 / 102m - USA
Hubie Halloween poster


October 09, 2020


Sandler and companion director Steven Brill cooked up a Halloween comedy together. Sandler is close to the only remaining comedy actor/producer in the US these days, so beggars can't be choosers. While I'm not the biggest fan of his work, it's nice to see some straight-up comedies once in a while.

Hubie is the town weirdo, the town being Salem. While Salem is getting ready to celebrate Halloween, an mean killer from a mental hospital nearby escapes and comes back to Salem to set things right. Meanwhile, Hubie is on patrol to keep everyone safe on his least favorite night of the year.

Sandler is being himself again, and he's brought a bucket load of regulars with him. The jokes range from cheap to quite funny, with a couple of well-meant smirks along the way. The pacing is nice, the film looks slick and it was over before I knew it. Not the greatest film in the world, but very easy and enjoyable entertainment.