1947 / 57m - Soviet Union
Adventure, Fantasy - Animation
The Humpback Horse poster


April 03, 2021


One of the earliest Russian animated films. I expected some Eastern-European Vinnie Pukh style doodling, but was pretty surprised to find a Russian carbon copy of the Disney school. Fluent, exaggerated animation, local folklore and a couple of songs combine into a decent, though somewhat outdated film.

The plot serves a Russian variation on the ugly duckling story. When a simpleton catches a flying horse, only to set it free again right after, he receives two fine horses and a smaller humpbacked one in return. The smaller horse has magical powers though, which lands the boy a job with the Tzar.

The art style is rather stylish, though I'm not a big fan of this type of exaggerated animation. The songs aren't that great, the plot is somewhat drab and the characters are one-dimensional, but there are a few standout moments and the film is nice and short. Not great, but better than expected.