Also known as
Jayu Manse
Korea [1946] - 51m
Directed by
In-kyu Ch'oe
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December 17, 2020


A classic Korean drama. Can't say I've been thoroughly impressed with them so far, though Hurrah For Freedom definitely shows some potential, especially the purely dramatic scenes. They are few and far between though, and hidden in between some rather oppressive nationalistic statements.

The first Korean film in the post-Japan era is of course about the Japanese occupation. It follows the story of a freedom fighter who is willing to give everything for his country. With the help of his fellow countrymen he fights the Japanese army from within, even when he gets captured.

There are some small highlights here. Dramatic moments supported by lovely cinematography and a fitting soundtrack, but most of the film is made up of functional narratives where characters bark stark nationalistic prose. Not really my idea of good cinema I'm afraid.