2019 / 110m - USA
Hustlers poster


August 29, 2021


Amusing crime flick about a gang of gogo dancers who get creative when business is drying up. The film follows a pretty familiar setup, with Scafaria going for a lighter tone and a flashback structure that keeps the pacing high. Certainly not a bad effort, but it's probably not too distinctive enough to be truly memorable.

Destiny is a young waitress who looks up to the dancers in the club she work at. When she meets Ramona, she promises Destiny to teach her the tricks of the trade. For a while things are great, and they're raking in the cash, but then the financial crisis hits. With the big Wall Street spenders staying away, their main source of income is suddenly gone.

Performances are decent, and the film has plenty of flair thanks to the polished cinematography and poppy soundtrack. There's a bit too much drama at times and the story/setup is more than a little predictable, but it never drags down the film too much. A pretty fun, albeit simple filler crime flick.