Chô Akunin
2011 / 90m - Japan
Hyper Villain poster


August 28, 2023


Shiraishi takes his faux doc style to the pinku genre. It's an odd move for sure, as most directors see pinku films as a way into cinema, not so much something to return to, but it actually works rather well. It's not Shiraishi's greatest film, but it's a fair bit better than most pinku films I've seen.

Shouhei Eno is a creep who has raped more than 100 women. For his latest experiment, he wants to film his crime. While successful, he isn't too happy with the resulting video. And so he sends it to a magazine, asking them to do a piece on him. He grants them an interview, in return, they have to make a more professional shoot of his latest rape.

It's a pretty bonkers plot, held together by the lead role. While hardly a sympathetic man, he is pretty interesting, giving a face (even when it's hidden behind some goofy sunglasses) to a vile, self-aggrandizing criminal. The faux doc style adds a little authenticity to the film, but it never transcends its technical and budgetary limits. Better than I expected though.