Soy Tóxico
2018 / 81m - Argentina
Horror, Action
I Am Toxic poster


October 30, 2020


I absolutely adored Parés' Daemonium, wasn't quite as taken with de la Vega's work. I Am Toxic falls neatly in between both oeuvres, where the hand of Parés stands out, but the film itself isn't quite up to snuff. That makes I Am Toxic an interesting watch, even though it never lives up to its full potential.

A post-apocalyptic world that shows us a South-America riddled with rotten corpses. One of these corpses wakes up, unaware of what happened to him and how he got there. Before he can compose himself, he's attacked by a zombie. A hunter rescues him and takes him to his hideout, where the man's taken captive.

It's a novel premise, though it's really just another zombie flick with humanity turning out to be the true bad guy. The styling is pretty cool, sporting a Max Mad vibe with some original touches, the setting also looks pretty appealing, but I've grown really tired of the direction this film took. Bottom line: Parés is better working on his own.