2019 / 56m - The Netherlands
I, Pastafari: A Flying Spaghetti Monster Story poster


November 03, 2020


As someone just young enough to spend part of my youth on the internet, I was aware of the pastafari. A satirical religion that is the perfect internet joke, but grew out to become a tool to question reigning religious exemptions and privileges. This documentary is about just that.

The biggest problem is that the pastafari can't acknowledge they're a joke and/or satire religion, as that would actively undermine their mission. So you're looking at a bunch of grown-ups acting like genuine retards in order to prove a simple point. It's not that I personally disagree with their ideas, but I do find their methods incredibly tiresome and wasteful.

The fact that this documentary becomes incredibly preachy and anti-religious (even though they themselves don't claim to be) gives away the true intentions behind this so-called belief. In that sense it's a good doc, but I really can't stand the charades and insincere arguments put forward.