1982 / 113m - Japan
Drama, Fantasy
I Are You, You Am Me poster


July 02, 2021


Think Shinkai's Your Name, only without the more fantastical bits. A sweet coming of age story about two kids who switch bodies. It's a typical Ôbayashi film, set in a small, charming port town, featuring the usual kids banter and coming of age drama, without overcomplicating things too much.

Kazumi is a transfer student who recognizes Kazuo right away. The two grew up when they were younger. Kazumi wants to pick up their friendship, Kazuo seems a bit more reluctant. After an unfortunate scuffle, they both roll down some temple stairs. When they wake up, they've switched bodies.

The two lead actors do a great job, the light tone of the drama is pleasant, and the setting is very idyllic. Ôbayashi's visual playfulness is kept to a minimum, though there are a few moments where he couldn't help himself. Not a very remarkable or memorable film, but a sweet and enjoyable bit of filler that works well within his oeuvre.