2016 / 94m - USA
Adventure, Comedy - Animation
Ice Age 5: Collision Course poster


February 03, 2021


There's one clear sign that a franchise is running out of ideas, and that's when they start ending people into space. Regardless of the actual quality of the film, it usually means it's time to put the IP in the freezer for a while. Which is a nice Ice Age pun, possible funnier than anything you'll find in this film.

While the gang is having some inconsequential problems, they notice that a big asteroid is approaching Earth. Cue the start of yet another adventure, where they need to travel to the crashing site in an ultimate bid to save the world. The plot isn't much to look at really, but that's well within expectations.

The film struggles with the same issues as the previous installments. The comedy is more loud than it is funny, the voice acting is subpar, the art style is rather ugly and the soundtrack is tasteless. I'm glad this is apparently the last entry in the series, a poor but fitting finale to a series that failed to live up to its popularity.