2006 / 63m - USA
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August 05, 2007


Miike's entry in the Masters of Horror anthology. This film was kept out of the TV run as it was deemed a bit too hardcore, but horror/Miike fans better keep their expectations in check. Though it does feature some freaky bits, it's hardly a film that stands out for its excess. There are some other notable elements though, sadly, not all of them are positive.

Christopher is an American journalist who met the woman of his dreams years ago in Japan. He can't get her out of his head and so he returns to Japan, hoping to track her down. It's a quest that leads him to some questionable brothels, and he'll soon enough discover that his former sweetheart has a pretty dark secret that will make their reunion trickier than expected.

Just like Sukiyaki Western Django, the film suffers from horrendous English-language dialogues. It's not just the Japanese actors to be fair, Billy Drago too is simply insufferable. It's a real shame, as the horror bits are delightful and the plot is interesting enough. It's a pretty cool film, as long as you don't miss too much due to all the flinching you'll be doing.